For Booking, please reach out to Dan Schutt at dschutt23@gmail.com

Hailing from Richmond, Va. The Dan Schutt Band (pronounced Shoot) is a funky blues-rock band that always gets the crowd dancing and the party started.  The Dan Schutt Band performs a catalogue of high-energy and recognizable tunes, influenced by rock, blues, country, jazz, and reggae.  Dan Schutt was born and raised in Richmond, Va, and has performed thousands of live shows with acts like Morningside, The Shack Band, and most recently as the band leader of “The Dan Schutt Band” (established 2016).  Over the past years, the band has cultivated a strong and dedicated local following and has performed nearly 100 shows each year.  Taylor Mcnamara (Bass and Vocals) has performed in various acts over the past several decades, is well-versed in jazz, blues, rock, and country, and is an accomplished vocalist capable of delivering powerful and gripping lead vocals as well as pitch perfect, sweet, and delicate backup harmonies demonstrating incredible range, power, and control.  Jonathan Gibson (guitar, keys, sax) is an incredibly versatile musician (jazz, country, rock) and is a master harmonist and all-around vocalist.  Brock Hawthorne (drums) is the rock of the band, laying down the rhythmic foundation of the band with a level of professionalism that is extremely rare and an arsenal of different rhythms and playing styles. The Dan Schutt Band is truly one of the finest acts currently performing in Virginia and never fails to deliver an exciting and memorable performance.  

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